December 29, 2007

XNeat – Make your Taskbar more useful

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XNeat gives you the same feature as Taskbar Shuffle, in that it lets you re-order your taskbar by left-click dragging…very simple (although with XNeat, you kinda have to drag things more to the bottom of the Taskbar for it to work. Annoying at first, but you get used to it.)

Then it also gives you access to sometimes useful features, most exoticly, the ability to remove any Application from the Taskbar, and instead put it into the System Tray. Very cool if you have lots of cludder.

Unfortunately, you have to put it back into the Taskbar if you wish to use the application at all, so it’s not perfect. But it’s a great way to have always-running things out of the way.

Install XNeat right now, using GetIt or their home page.


December 22, 2007

Appupdater + GetIt + FARRv2 = Very Powerful

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In the circles of people who love to install things easily, like “install VLC” (and VLC is installed), the new Appupdater is all the rage.

While having similar features to AppSnap, it also features the ability to “upgrade”, meaning it will look for all applications installed on your PC, and see if it can find (and install) newever versions for you. Very nice!

Well, fear not. GetIt has just been updated to add support for Appupdater, in addition to the already supported AppSnap and Win-Get.
GetIt, of course, indexes all applications that you can install with any of the above mentioned application-getters, and lets you view a single master list of all applications that can be installed this conveniently. And with the new engine, in addition to the ever growing repositories of the older engines, this list is becoming quite extensive.

What’s missing to make this scenario perfect? FARRv2 has been released to the public! That’s right. Before now, you’ve had to sit there and watch me enjoy making my computing life infinitely easier, but now you too, can join me!

FARRv2 is still the best way (and the only way that supports incrementally searching through the master list of available applications, thanks to GetIt) to interface with GetIt, which will then interface with Appupdater/AppSnapp/Win-Get to install your Application for you.

You can have all this, right now, for free. Drop everything. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy!

December 12, 2007

Dexpot – Virtual Desktops

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If you have felt the urge to have Virtual Desktops, and you have not yet found a freeware solution to your liking, definitely give Dexpot a try.

It’s met all my needs. I personally have 4 desktops set up, which I switch to with hot-keys (Windows+1…4), or mouse clicking the tray icon, if I wanted to. I also set up hotkeys to move currently focussed Windows to any of the other 4 desktops (I use Windows+Shift+1…4). But it also adds a menu to do this with the mouse when you right-click on windows’ titles.

I even set up my 4th desktop to be a different resolution! It’s a simple hack I use to be able to read my screen from my couch, when I sit away from my PC and use my wireless keyboard.

It’s free for personal use, so what are you waiting for?

GridMove – Plus Special Grid

Posted in Beginner, Intermediate at 12:36 am by gloriouscomputing

Managing your Window locations is very painful when manually doing so by hand. Lucky for us, there’s no need to do so.

Using GridMove, you can easily snap your windows to grids, which you can set up yourself, and change between in real time.
The program does not interrupt your regular window management style, but as you feel the need, you can make windows snap to the grid, using either hotkeys, or a combination of mouse keys.

As a special, here’s a grid a friend of mine did. (Save-As…) It’s very useful, allowing you to put windows in all corners, as well as splitting them horizontally and vertically.

Here’s what your Gridmove.exe.ini would look like if you set it up the way I did:


Of course, you have to download this Grid to your Grids\ folder. Enjoy!

Update [Dec 25, 2008]: You can now once again copy the Grid Settings and have it work (DualScreen was renamed to Dual-Screen)