December 12, 2007

GridMove – Plus Special Grid

Posted in Beginner, Intermediate at 12:36 am by gloriouscomputing

Managing your Window locations is very painful when manually doing so by hand. Lucky for us, there’s no need to do so.

Using GridMove, you can easily snap your windows to grids, which you can set up yourself, and change between in real time.
The program does not interrupt your regular window management style, but as you feel the need, you can make windows snap to the grid, using either hotkeys, or a combination of mouse keys.

As a special, here’s a grid a friend of mine did. (Save-As…) It’s very useful, allowing you to put windows in all corners, as well as splitting them horizontally and vertically.

Here’s what your Gridmove.exe.ini would look like if you set it up the way I did:


Of course, you have to download this Grid to your Grids\ folder. Enjoy!

Update [Dec 25, 2008]: You can now once again copy the Grid Settings and have it work (DualScreen was renamed to Dual-Screen)


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