December 22, 2007

Appupdater + GetIt + FARRv2 = Very Powerful

Posted in Application Launchers, Beginner, Intermediate at 5:50 am by gloriouscomputing

In the circles of people who love to install things easily, like “install VLC” (and VLC is installed), the new Appupdater is all the rage.

While having similar features to AppSnap, it also features the ability to “upgrade”, meaning it will look for all applications installed on your PC, and see if it can find (and install) newever versions for you. Very nice!

Well, fear not. GetIt has just been updated to add support for Appupdater, in addition to the already supported AppSnap and Win-Get.
GetIt, of course, indexes all applications that you can install with any of the above mentioned application-getters, and lets you view a single master list of all applications that can be installed this conveniently. And with the new engine, in addition to the ever growing repositories of the older engines, this list is becoming quite extensive.

What’s missing to make this scenario perfect? FARRv2 has been released to the public! That’s right. Before now, you’ve had to sit there and watch me enjoy making my computing life infinitely easier, but now you too, can join me!

FARRv2 is still the best way (and the only way that supports incrementally searching through the master list of available applications, thanks to GetIt) to interface with GetIt, which will then interface with Appupdater/AppSnapp/Win-Get to install your Application for you.

You can have all this, right now, for free. Drop everything. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy!


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