March 25, 2008

[Game] Empires

Posted in Games at 10:49 pm by gloriouscomputing

Say hello to the first game in this blog. It’s so special, I just had to slightly broaden the focus of this blog to extend to to games, just to get this one in there.

What is it? It’s a First Person Shooter + Real Time Stratagy hybrid. Two teams fight against each other FPS style, except for one player per team, which plays as Commander (RTS style), with the ability to build structures gallor, research better equipment, and so on.

This isn’t the first game like this, but this is the best one I’ve seen. Others included: Natural Selection, Savage, and Savage2. Iron Fist is also closely related, with one team being solely the commander + AI units, and the other being solely FPS players.

My favorite FPS games are currently UT3 (having nearly no stratagy) Team Fortress2 (having just a little bit of stratagy), Quake Wars (having a good amount of stratagy), and finally Empires (having a great amount of stratagy).