July 31, 2008

Dispatcher Easily Create Updaters for your Software

Posted in For Developers at 6:14 pm by gloriouscomputing

Dispatcher lets you create Updaters for your software.

Making users manually go out of their way to look for updates to your software is not user-friendly. Also, having them download the full Installer to your software when a small binary patch would have done the job is not bandwidth efficient for your bills, nor your user’s time.

This is where Dispatcher comes in. With it, you can create an Updater to include with your software. You can choose when to run it: from being as non-intrusive as letting the user click a button in your software, to automatically checking quietly at the start of your application.

You can also pick which mode of update is right for you. If you really want to save bandwidth, the Updater can use patch files, which contain only binary differences between the files that changed. If you don’t want to keep copies of old versions on your hard drive, you can update via file syncing, so that when a new version is found, only the individual files that changed are downloaded in their entirety (compressed with 7-zip).

Dispatcher has just entered Public Beta, so give it a try!

Full Disclosure: I am the main developer on the Dispatcher project.


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