December 2, 2008

Want to make Updaters? Dispatcher is here.

Posted in For Developers at 5:29 pm by gloriouscomputing

Puchisoft Dispatcher is ready for prime-time. If you are a software developer looking to include an Updater with your software, look no further.

Dispatcher can take care of your entire software release and update process. Dispatcher makes Updaters specialized for your software, incorporates them with your software, and creates Installers for you. When you are ready to release an update, Dispatcher generates binary-difference patches and uploads them to your website. When the user runs your Updater, it will find and apply the patches, updating your software to its latest version!

Last night, Dispatcher’s window was made resizable, which was the last feature on the wish-list for a 1.0 release. Puchisoft, Inc. is currently being registered as a company with, upon completion of which, Dispatcher will be ready to be advertised there. Before slapping the “1.0” or “Stable” sticker on it, one more bug-finding session will take place.

If you are interested, you can download Dispatcher right now.


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