December 8, 2008

Hostsman – Best thing that happened to your Hosts file since Vista

Posted in Intermediate at 12:26 am by gloriouscomputing

The program Hostsman is a nice front-end GUI for changing your hosts file.

If you are like me, you only have to do this about once a months. However, if you are like me, you also spend about 5 minutes finding the file deep down in the Windows folder, then another 10 minutes holding down various combinations of Shift and Ctrl to get Notepad to open the file with Admin rights so that you can actually save your changes. This has been an annoyance since Windows Vista.

I can vouch that the learning curve for this program is none. It took me less time to download, install, and learn how to do the basic Add/Edit/Delete operations (which is all I need) than it takes to do the same thing in Vista with Notepad.

I tested Hostsman 3.1 Beta and found it working on Windows XP and Windows Vista.


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