January 11, 2009

GetIt now Supports Chain Installing over 400 Windows Applications

Posted in Application Launchers, Beginner, For Developers at 3:23 am by gloriouscomputing

Do you install a lot of software on Windows? Are you tired of the hassle of clicking the Next button millions of times? GetIt has allowed users to easily install applications with one click for over a year now. Over 400 freeware software titles are available for you to install without ever seeing a Next button.

GetIt is not the first software to allow you to do this, which is exactly why it was created. Rather than coming with its own repository and installing engine, it indexes various other installed application-getter’s repositories on your computer, combining their individual databases of installable applications into one big list. When you pick an application to install from this list, GetIt knows which application-getter to call on to make the installation happen. GetIt is the ultimate middleman for your application installation needs. It integrates seamlessly into Find And Run Robot, an application launcher, but can also be used with other application launchers, from the command-line, or with GetIt’s own GUI. Don’t worry if you don’t have any application-getting engines yet, GetIt can install them for you.

GetIt now supports Chain Installing applications. When you want to install multiple applications unattended, just select the ones you want and click Install. Come back to your PC later to find all your desired applications installed!  You can also save your selected application list as a Chain Install Batch file for later use, so you can quickly set up your favorite applications on a new PC without having to select them all again.

GetIt is open-source, and freely available from http://puchisoft.com/GetIt

If you create software yourself, you can manage your own repository and add it into GetIt. 🙂