June 14, 2009

Find any file on your hard drive instantly – Everything

Posted in Beginner, Intermediate at 10:19 am by gloriouscomputing

There are a variety of solutions for searching your hard drive. If you are running Windows XP, you will definitely want to install one of these right now.

However, the same goes for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Even though their “Windows Key + Just Type to Search” and “Windows Key + F” are pretty good, they are not as good as a little program called “Everything”.

It runs at start-up (if you wish), and goes to your tray. When it starts, it indexes every file on your local hard drives (NTFS only) extremely quickly. I have over 1 TB in space, and it takes maybe 1 minute.

Now here’s the cool part. When you invoke Everything (click tray, press Hotkey) and start typing, it will find file names matching what you type virtually instantly. I don’t think it takes more than 1 second.

Purely theoretical example: “Hm, I’ve been downloading a lot of Daily Show episodes, and I’ve moved them between different hard drives…”
Invoke Everything, type “Daily Show”, bam, list of all Daily Show episodes.

“Everything” also has the ability to host a web server interface, which lets you remotely search your PC in the same way, and then download the files you find. For quickly getting a file from my PC to my Laptop, this has replaced my need for hosting a separate FTP server (although the latter still gets used for heavy duty folder moving).

I would recommend this only for your LAN, as there is no encryption.

Enjoy! Everything

PS: I’ve also tried Locate32, which has the major difference of storing the content of your hard drives in a database (on your hard drive, vs just in memory) and supporting non-NTFS partitions, but if I can choose, I prefer Everything.


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    Find any file on your hard drive instantly – Everything .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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