June 20, 2009

Worse than Hotmail was in 2000: Web.de

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:11 am by gloriouscomputing

Living in Germany, I’ve had my reasons for wanting a German email address. Many email providers here (that people actually use) still ask you to pay for them (ex. ~GMX.de).

Web.de was one of the free options, so I figured why not. Well, it certainly is better than nothing, and I was happy that there was a way to retrieve email via POP3, because this meant I didn’t have to use their atrocious web interface.

Boy was I wrong. You see, while there is POP3 access, this doesn’t actually give you your email. Instead, their POP3 feeds your email client fake email “Summaries”. These email summaries just give you a list of emails… inside an email. While this would already be a huge pain by itself, these “Summary” emails only give you the subjects of the emails. You then have to go to their ad-gated turtle-speed web-interface to read the actual emails.

Besides the POP3 feeding you these BS Summary emails, it also spams you with a weekly “newsletter”, which you have no way of opting out of. Today’s spam-letter advertised Internet Explorer 8 as a revolutionary browser. I’m sure it is to them, considering WEB.de’s masochistic users, like the site owners, must live in 2000, and are all using IE6.

Side node: For anyone living in Germany, I highly recommend installing this Greasemonkey script, so you are able to go to gmail.com and actually get to Gmail.

If anyone has any idea on another .de email provider that doesn’t suck, or any ways of configuring web.de to be less horrible, please let me know in the comments.



  1. Sal said,

    Hi Robin
    what I understand from ur post that u tried to have an email on GMX and they asked u to pay money for that, but I already have email on GMX.de without paying even one cent, try it again

    • gloriouscomputing said,

      Ah, thank you for writing in. Yeah, I probably made a mistake and didn’t notice their free version somehow.

      Does GMX allow functional POP3 access?

  2. Sal said,

    it supports POP3, and I tried it, but it keeps giving me errors, no idea why.
    it supports gmail, googlemail, hotmail, and some other providers

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