October 3, 2009

Quicktime? Hahaha…no

Posted in Commentary at 5:00 am by gloriouscomputing

Unfortunately, I still have to install one out-of-browser add-on to watch video online: Adobe Flash. It’s everywhere, except for those few awesome sites that are already using HTML5 Theodora… and those sites who somehow didn’t get the memo that nobody watches videos using additional out-of-browser add-ons anymore.

I believe VLC comes with a plug-in to play these without the need for QuickTime…but why even install that? It’s just another security flaw waiting to happen. I can understand that we aren’t all HTML5 Video happy just yet, but I have no sympathy for people still using QuickTime to play videos in my browser. I just won’t watch your video. It’s that simple.

And if you are considering the upgrade, save yourself a step by skipping over Flash. Go straight to HTML5 Theodora Video!


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