November 12, 2009

Apple Releases own Turn-by-turn Navigation Software [Satire]

Posted in Commentary at 11:27 am by gloriouscomputing

Not to be left in the dust, now that smartphones running Google Android 2.0 get free turn-by-turn navigation software out of the box, Apple has just released a new firmware update to iPhone owners, providing similar functionality.

“It’s so easy to use; It really fits in with the Apple mentality”, stated one happy customer. “They already approved thousands of addresses!”, he added.

Unlike traditional GPS software, Apple has chosen to continue their successful approval process from the App Store. “Just like with our App Store, it’s important that we protect our customers from locations in the wild. If we allowed our customers to go just anywhere, they could catch viruses!”, the lead software manager explained. Apple has recently hired a team to scout out new addresses when requested by customers.

“To try out the new iNav App, I typed in ‘Apple Store’, and it found it right away, guiding me there with turn by turn directions! Unfortunately, when I tried to navigate to my new job interview, a message popped up saying that it couldn’t direct me there just yet, because of ‘Approval pending’. At first I was upset that Apple had chosen to prevent me from going to my job interview, but then I found a better paying job at the Apple Store, so it’s a win for everyone!”

An Apple spokesmen said they are approving more addresses every day, so that voice guided trip to Grandma’s house might just be a decade away.


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