November 14, 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials

Posted in Beginner at 10:20 am by gloriouscomputing

So I’ve tried out Microsoft’s new Anti-Virus software, and I like it. I haven’t really done any tests, but the performance seems fine. Before I used Avira Free, and the biggest difference is that I didn’t have to write an ad-blocking script for MS’s offering, unlike Avira, so that’s a plus. Both programs use very little RAM when idle, but MS uses less (~3MB when I checked).

The reason I moved over was hearing that this anti-virus was designed to annoy the user as little as possible. No annoying “Hey, listen! I’m still here, and I’m updating too! Aren’t I great?”. If you are running (which you should be 24/7), you better be upgrading, and if you can do it without getting in my way, the better.



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