February 14, 2010

Is it possible to be happy?

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Not often enough, is the question asked, is it possible to be happy?

Yes. 🙂


February 11, 2010

Disable Microsoft Security Essential’s SpyNet with AutoIt

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My previous AntiVirus was Avira. I really didn’t like the ad it poped-up, so I showed you how to disable it with AutoIt. Well, not disable, but automatically close virtually instantly.

When I switched to Security Essentials, the promise was that this was an AntiVirus that would just work behind the scenes and not get in your way. Well, after getting my full screen game minimized the 3rd time, I decided the SpyNet pop-up’s time was up.

Here’s the Auto-It script to instantly close the PopUp (by hitting Cancel):

WinWait(“Microsoft Security Essentials Sample Submission”)
ControlClick(“Microsoft Security Essentials Sample Submission”, “”, “Button3”)
Until 1=2

WATCH OUT: Do not copy/paste this code. WordPress has replaced the normal quotes with special quotes that AutoIt does not understand. I have linked to the source code (AU3) below.

To automatically say yes to uploading whatever file it wants instead, change the code to say Button2 rather than Button3.

Download: EXE or AU3 (Source Code)

Remember, this program needs to be running in the background for it to disable SpyNet. This program just works. It has no GUI. Set it to run at start up if you want it to keep working after you reboot your PC.