August 31, 2011

Trying out Google Code

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I just uploaded my first project to Google Code. I’ve often come across projects hosted there, but it never popped out to me, until recently. Someone on Reddit mentioned that it now allowed online code editing, and check ins. This intrigued me, so I tried it out. That part does work a lot like Google Docs (although I haven’t tested editing with someone else on the same file…).

Especially nice is that Google Code supports SVN, HG, and GIT. So an HG fan myself, I feel at home. Just note that they only support open source projects, so if that’s not you, stick with BitBucket.


October 16, 2009

Sudo for Windows 7/Vista

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It’s no secret that I like using my keyboard to get things done. It’s also no secret that Windows 7/Vista’s UAC comes up when a program asks for Admin rights. But what about if you want to run a program as Admin that doesn’t always need to be run as Admin? By default it’s just run as user, and you won’t be able to do what you need to.

For example, if I just run Notepad, I can’t save files in C:\

So what you have to do is Right-Click Notepad, and click “Run as Admin”… but what if I don’t want to? What if I want to script the same action? No luck. Windows 7 has a tool called “RunAs.exe”, but it only lets you switch to users with their Username+Password. I just want to run as myself with admin rights!

Linux people have sudo, so I just coded up a sudo.exe (in NSIS). It works just like you’d hope: “sudo.exe Notepad.exe”… or “sudo Notepad”. Of course, you’ll have to set it up so you can use it from anywhere yourself. The code for this tool is super-easy:

Name “sudo”
OutFile “sudo.exe”
SilentInstall silent
RequestExecutionLevel admin

Call GetParameters
pop $0
exec $0

My only problem with it is that my sudo.exe is 33kb. That’s huge for such a simple tool. If someone could code the same functionality into a smaller exe (C++ maybe?), I’d appreciate it. (I’ve tried writing it in AutoHotKey/AutoIt too, but both were even bigger!) Please let me know if you can help in the comments. Thanks!

Download Sudo

Update: Thanks everyone for the provided solutions below in the comments! Smallest solution thus far is Elevate.exe by Christof Germishuizen.

August 3, 2009

GUI Usability: The most important monologue of the year

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I’ve never made an entry into this blog for the sole purpose of linking to another, but this is very important for anyone with an interest in GUIs (User Interfaces):

The original article is well written, and captured my attention for a few hours (I made the mistake of stumbling upon it from my iPhone), and the first part of the following video series is also excellect so far.

Android GUI designers (including phone manufacturers HTC, Sony), for the love of God, please take note!

Part 1
Part 2

January 11, 2009

GetIt now Supports Chain Installing over 400 Windows Applications

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Do you install a lot of software on Windows? Are you tired of the hassle of clicking the Next button millions of times? GetIt has allowed users to easily install applications with one click for over a year now. Over 400 freeware software titles are available for you to install without ever seeing a Next button.

GetIt is not the first software to allow you to do this, which is exactly why it was created. Rather than coming with its own repository and installing engine, it indexes various other installed application-getter’s repositories on your computer, combining their individual databases of installable applications into one big list. When you pick an application to install from this list, GetIt knows which application-getter to call on to make the installation happen. GetIt is the ultimate middleman for your application installation needs. It integrates seamlessly into Find And Run Robot, an application launcher, but can also be used with other application launchers, from the command-line, or with GetIt’s own GUI. Don’t worry if you don’t have any application-getting engines yet, GetIt can install them for you.

GetIt now supports Chain Installing applications. When you want to install multiple applications unattended, just select the ones you want and click Install. Come back to your PC later to find all your desired applications installed!  You can also save your selected application list as a Chain Install Batch file for later use, so you can quickly set up your favorite applications on a new PC without having to select them all again.

GetIt is open-source, and freely available from

If you create software yourself, you can manage your own repository and add it into GetIt. 🙂

December 2, 2008

Want to make Updaters? Dispatcher is here.

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Puchisoft Dispatcher is ready for prime-time. If you are a software developer looking to include an Updater with your software, look no further.

Dispatcher can take care of your entire software release and update process. Dispatcher makes Updaters specialized for your software, incorporates them with your software, and creates Installers for you. When you are ready to release an update, Dispatcher generates binary-difference patches and uploads them to your website. When the user runs your Updater, it will find and apply the patches, updating your software to its latest version!

Last night, Dispatcher’s window was made resizable, which was the last feature on the wish-list for a 1.0 release. Puchisoft, Inc. is currently being registered as a company with, upon completion of which, Dispatcher will be ready to be advertised there. Before slapping the “1.0” or “Stable” sticker on it, one more bug-finding session will take place.

If you are interested, you can download Dispatcher right now.

September 16, 2008

Turn Redirect Links into Direct Links – GreaseMonkey

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The GreaseMonkey extension allows you to alter any website on the internet locally and automatically before Firefox shows it to you.

What I wanted was a script that would turn any link that looked like this:

into just the link:

While I suppose would be unhappy about us going to our destination without reporting in (and possibly being forced to watch an ad before getting there), we’d be quite happy to bypass this step.

I couldn’t find a script that did this for any website, but I did find a script that did this for only: AltaLink

Looking at the code, I kept the part about replacing links, and just changed the regular expression to one that I came up with myself. I’m no expert at regular expressions, but it looks like it works just fine.

Note that before you just blindly install this and run around with it on all the time: There are websites which use redirect links to avoid getting attention via link targets receiving “referring” urls. So if you are hanging out on some websites that wish to avoid publicity, you probably want to turn this script off for the admin’s sake. Personally, I only turn this script on while surfing sites which use redirect links to annoy users.

More importantly, this will rewrite all links that pass URLs as a parameter into a direct link to the parameter. Some sites choose to pass a link as a parameter that has nothing to do with where you will eventually end up. For sites like these, having this script on will break your browsing experience. So only turn this on for special occasions. 🙂

Download Global Direct-Linkifyer

July 31, 2008

Dispatcher Easily Create Updaters for your Software

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Dispatcher lets you create Updaters for your software.

Making users manually go out of their way to look for updates to your software is not user-friendly. Also, having them download the full Installer to your software when a small binary patch would have done the job is not bandwidth efficient for your bills, nor your user’s time.

This is where Dispatcher comes in. With it, you can create an Updater to include with your software. You can choose when to run it: from being as non-intrusive as letting the user click a button in your software, to automatically checking quietly at the start of your application.

You can also pick which mode of update is right for you. If you really want to save bandwidth, the Updater can use patch files, which contain only binary differences between the files that changed. If you don’t want to keep copies of old versions on your hard drive, you can update via file syncing, so that when a new version is found, only the individual files that changed are downloaded in their entirety (compressed with 7-zip).

Dispatcher has just entered Public Beta, so give it a try!

Full Disclosure: I am the main developer on the Dispatcher project.