December 29, 2007

XNeat – Make your Taskbar more useful

Posted in Beginner at 11:31 pm by gloriouscomputing

XNeat gives you the same feature as Taskbar Shuffle, in that it lets you re-order your taskbar by left-click dragging…very simple (although with XNeat, you kinda have to drag things more to the bottom of the Taskbar for it to work. Annoying at first, but you get used to it.)

Then it also gives you access to sometimes useful features, most exoticly, the ability to remove any Application from the Taskbar, and instead put it into the System Tray. Very cool if you have lots of cludder.

Unfortunately, you have to put it back into the Taskbar if you wish to use the application at all, so it’s not perfect. But it’s a great way to have always-running things out of the way.

Install XNeat right now, using GetIt or their home page.


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